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Custom Print Layouts in Memphis, TN

Photobooth901 offers custom print layouts for our photo booths in Memphis, TN!


Photobooth901 - Unlimited Backgrounds Memphis, TN

Photobooth901 offers at no additional cost, unlimited backgrounds, colors, patterns, and scenes. Our advanced photo booth software and special green-screen backdrop make it easy to coordinate with any event theme. Traditional solid color or patterned fabric backdrops are also available.


PhotoBooth901 - Custom Photo Booth Print Design Memphis, TN

Choose classic twin photo booth strips or chic 4×6 postcard prints. We will work with you to create a design that will compliment your event theme and colors. Custom print layouts can include an event title, business and sponsor logos. Is your organization having a red carpet affair? Send us your business and sponsor logos and can create a virtual step & repeat background at no charge.


Photobooth901 - Social Media Photo Sharing Memphis, TN

Our separate iPad social media photo stations allow event guests to find their photo booth photos and share them directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and send the photos to themselves via Email and text message.


Photobooth901 - Autograph Scrapbooks Memphis, TN

Autograph scrapbooks are popular for anniversaries, wedding receptions,  reunions and birthdays.  A copy of each strip or postcard is printed out during each session and the photo booth attendant pastes that print into the scrapbook. Guests are then encouraged to autograph the book and write a personal message to the couple or guest of honor next to their picture.  Everything necessary is provided, including the 12 x 12 scrapbook, the tape, and colorful pens. Best of all, the scrapbook is ready to take home when the event ends.


Photobooth901 - Corporate Branding Memphis, TN

Custom print designs may include event titles, business, organization and sponsor logos of course but we take photo booth branding for business to the next level by allowing your guests to share their event photos directly via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and text messages. This is perfect for Memphis companies looking to promote themselves via social media. With data capture and analytic features, our system can collect names and email addresses of social media kiosk users. You can use this data to reach out to event guests in the future and remind them of your products and services.


Hashtag Printing Memphis

Does your event or company have a #hashtag? Photobooth901 has the technology to allow every guest at your event to have a photo booth in their pocket. We call it Hashtag Printing. Pictures made by event guests on their own smart phone and posted to Instagram or Twitter with your event’s or company’s unique #hashtag will display on our system. The pictures may then be printed with a custom titled border overlay to match your event theme and colors. Business and sponsor logos can be included. In Memphis, hashtag printing is the latest trend in special event on-site printing!


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