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three girls taking a selfie for hashtag prints
Take a picture, post it, tag it and print it with our hashtag printer.
Post a picture and tag it with event hashtag.
Post your picture and tag it with the event hashtag.
Hashtag Printing Memphis
Guests may print their hashtag prints on our printer

Take It, Post It, Tag it, Print It

Does your event or company have a #hashtag? Photobooth901 has the technology to allow every guest at your event to have a photo booth in their pocket. We call it Hashtag Printing. Pictures made by event guests on their own smart phone and posted to Instagram or Twitter with your event’s or company’s unique #hashtag will display on our system. The pictures may then be printed with a custom titled border overlay to match your event theme and colors. Business and sponsor logos can be included. Package includes unlimited sessions and everyone in the picture can get a print. Hashtag printing is the latest trend in special event on-site printing in Memphis!

  1. Guests take candid photos with their own smart phone, device or ask our photographer to take their picture.
  2. Guests post their photos to Instagram or Twitter, tagging them with an event specific hashtag. Example – #nameofevent
  3. In just  a few moments, the photos  are customized with event theme, colors  and logos and automatically displayed on our Hashtag Print Station.
  4. Guests may view and print bordered 4×6 photos right from the Hashtag Print Station.

Hashtag Print Station ~ $450 up to two hours. Additional hour(s) $50

Sample hashtag print Memphis
Hashtag prints with custom borders and titles can be made with your smart phone.